Italian Favorites

Italian Favorites


Bow Tie Pasta with Tomato-Basil Cream SauceServed with strips of grilled chicken breast, Parmesan Cheese, Fresh rolls and Butter.$9.95/guest
Fettuccini AlfredoServed with strips of grilled chicken breast, Parsley, Parmesan Cheese, fresh rolls and butter.$9.95/guest
Italian Sausage with Marinara SauceSliced Italian sausage, bell peppers, red onions and chunky Marinara sauce, served with Penne pasta, Parmesan cheese, fresh rolls and butter.$9.95/guest
Pasta BarLinguine and Rotini pasta served with creamy pesto, beef Bolognese sauce, Parmesan cheese, fresh rolls and butter.$9.95/guest
Side SelectionsTossed green salad*, Caesar Salad*, Steamed veggies*, Mexican Coleslaw*, Oriental Salad*+$1.25/guest
DessertsCookies (2)*, Chocolate brownies*, Flan with Carmel Sauce*, *Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcakes*+$1.25/guest
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